Business Clearing Session

with James Pask


Your business or enterprise (ABN of entity) has its own metaphysical energy and operates under the business owner’s creation, thoughts, and feelings and with his/her influence; whether that be by one person or several owners.  How the business was established, by whom, and under what influence it was built, can impact a business or market’s profit and success.

Just like a person, a business, a company can be stuck, and it can create issues that affect the business’ purpose and myriad flow. The conflicting energy may affect the business’ success as a result of the lack of positive energy flow.

The session helps in clearing out the mold, the rubbish and the old files that are taking up space and energy – so that the new seeds can grow and flourish. The only difference is the session is a powerful metaphysical cleanse which then translates to a physical shift toward the positive.

We believe that your business or your enterprise has an entity and the way to communicate with it is through a third party – a person or through nature.

This clearing session is for people anywhere in the world. A surrogate is provided for this session. 

Having a Holographic Kinetics Business Clearing session is sort of like doing a ‘master spring clean’.

  • Why Business Clearing?

  • How does Business Clearing work?

Clients need to write down their list of conflicts the business is facing and send it to James for the session. Particularly the causes that affect the business. It might be the repeating patterns, business disagreements between the owner and the staff and many more.  From there, James will locate the interferences- peeling back the layers to free the negative elements and prevent them from coming back in the future.

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