Deep Healing Session

with Debbie Pask

Hey, I am Debbie Pask, a Transformation Coach, Trainer and Deep Healing Practitioner.

I have done over 15,000 client healing and coaching sessions and work Phoenix style - moving you past blocks, energy fractures and more. 

I love working with people looking to transform old wounds into a new path forward - whether they struggle with career path, relationship conflicts or inner confidence.

After studying healing arts, astrology, coaching, numerology, enneagram, constellations and a host of other studies - I pull together a host of solutions and practices that can get you to the next level of your personal journey.

What do you get?
1. We connect first via Zoom and have a short discussion upfront to set intentions
2. I conduct the distance healing session and body scan whilst you are relaxing blissfully somewhere private
3. We connect again afterwards for a full reading and debrief!

Before the session, let me know what you plan to work on ahead of time so that you can ensure a power-packed session.

Watch my video below explaining how it all works, and hope to see you soon,

Debbie x

Deep Healing Session-Debbie Pask
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