Performance Coaching Session

with Debbie Pask

Burn Brightly without Burning Out!

Mindset and Performance Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Leaders to:

✔Stay calm in the mind (inner peace)

✔Purposeful in the heart (meaningful work)

✔Confident and clear with the hands (powerful actions)

Take your thinking to a new level with a powerful coaching session.

Debbie’s approach to Coaching and Mentoring

"My purpose is to revitalize the energy of corporate leaders, decision-makers, and all those in high positions in the management food chain. I teach and show executives how to tap into their Yin-Yang energy and awaken the best possible version of themselves."

If you are looking for specific outcomes and long-term consistent results, check out my 12 Week Mentoring package.


Debbie has a background in board-level advertising, a degree in philosophy and extensive training in eastern psychology, meditation and indigenous tools. Debbie has also trained in energy medicine, Psych-K, ACT for the workplace, Enneagram profiling, Wealth Dynamics, advanced meditation and more. She bridges the world of intuition and business, creating stronger, confident executives who know how to manage their energy, their mind and performance. Debbie has been teaching, training and coaching with these unique tools in a live environment for over 15 years. Aside from her career at Saatchi and Saatchi & George Patterson Bates and selling two companies she started, Debbie has coached individual professionals who work in professional sports, creative performance, law firms, CEO’s, tech companies, Amazon execs, interior designers, tv presenters, marketing directors, digital companies and more. She has a global presence and regularly skypes with Japan, South Africa, Singapore, United States, UK and more. Read more

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