Develop Your Personal Spiritual Code


90min Webinar + Meditation file + Action plan to follow-up

Tune in and receive the tools you need to develop your own personal code – a spiritual approach to living and thriving the WAY YOU WANT TO.

Develop your own Personal Spiritual Code so you can attract the experiences you want.

Want to learn best how to hold your center and your shape? Have you given thought as to what your own personal contract might be with your spirit and your inner self? Get prepared to delve deep into how you wish to LIVE, LOVE, and BREATH.

In this 1.5-hour webinar we will share:

  • What is a Spiritual code and how will it help you to master your energy?
  • How you can develop your own code and the steps you can use to make it simple?
  • Ideas to help you understand yourself better and how you want to live and be.
  • Follow-up tools for implementing your code.

Debbie & James will share how you can develop your own personal code of living a spiritual life, from personal contracts to the discovery of your essence and tools for delving into your deep inner self.