Zenful Business Book & Zen Business CD Package

Designed for the conscious business person, practice the art of mindfulness to super charge your business life and success.


For any business owner, manager or entrepreneur, your energy is the number one priority as this is your most powerful tool. It’s what gets you out of bed every day. It’s what draws opportunities to you and it is what keeps you charged up and firing so that you can perform at your best.

Zenful Business teaches you 11 models to master your performance at work– combining practical tools, techniques and strategies for developing your own customised energetic building blocks. In this book, EAST meets WEST to finally integrate personal power with the commercial intelligence you need to thrive at work.

This is more than just a series of ideas, it is a “How To” manual and a personal workbook to use in your everyday working life.

Mindfulness Meditations to energise your business life

Designed for the conscious business person, choose which track you need daily and practice the art of mindfulness to super charge your business life and success.

About Zen Business CD

Zen Business is a meditation album using guided vocals embedded on a rich sound platform. Designed by a business person for business people.

Each track is customised by business topic and has accompanying music to engage and awaken a specific energy centre in the body relating to that topic. These energy centres (Chakras) are an ancient oriental system of energy flow and wellbeing. The music inspires an opening of that energy point so that both vocals and music blend together for the ultimate meditation experience.