Webinar Series: Find Your Spiritual Centre

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A collection of 15 guided meditations designed to calm your mind, balance your energy and restore your inner wellbeing. Meditation journeys and visualisations to suit different moods and needs, calm your mind, and tune into your inner wisdom on a deeper level. 

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Being “in tune" with your inner wisdom enables synchronicity to show up in your life. Master Your Intuition is a six-week online program where we share our 40+ years of collective experience and training in the field of Intuition Mastery so you can easily switch on your intuitive powers and connect to your inner wisdom.

Course includes: 6 x 90min Pre-recorded Teachings, 18 Meditation Journeys, 23 Intuitive Practices, Lifetime Access and BONUS Cord Cutting Meditation. 

There has never been a better time for you to feel confident, clear, and calm.

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Webinars =The 5 Series

Webinar Series: Find Your Spiritual Centre

Feeling Overwhelmed? Find your Spiritual Centre in these Challenging Times

Join Debbie and James Pask for a series of two-hour supercharged webinars on how you can stay grounded, calm, and even powerful in this changing global era.
Activating your own ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ will help you combat the fear and division being fed during times of overwhelming information and change.

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